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Family Vocation Prayer

Loving Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, you have created my children special and unique and I give thanks and praise for them. Help me to guide them well and to pray for them deeply.
Open their hearts to your word that they may know the sound of your voice in a world filled with distractions. May they hear your call to live lives of Christian service. If you are calling my children to a life of Church ministry, my prayer is that your call will be steady and irresistible.
Grant me, too, a generous heart to open my arms one day to give them to your service. May your tender care keep my children safe, especially as they discern their vocations in life.
Loving God, what I ask for my children, I ask for all children: help them to know your presence at all times and to be open to the promptings of your Spirit who is one with you and your Son now and forever.