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Resources for Parents

Information for Parents
Statistics tell us that most parents think that it’s tougher to be a parent now than it was when they were kids. Most feel they don’t have enough time for family life and that society isn’t supporting the values for which the family stands. Yours is the responsibility to help form young people into healthy, faith-filled, Christians in a world with competing values. As a parent, you are called to be one of the guideposts that kids need as they try to find their vocation in life. Each of your children is being called to a vocation specific to him or her. Contained within your child’s call to a specific vocation may be your call as a parent to be the mother or father of a priest, deacon, or religious. Consider the mystery of God’s plan for your child’s life!

The ABCs of Fostering, Supporting and Nurturing Vocations within the Home
YouTube Video for Parents